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Hello together,
yesterday I stumbled upon a (in my opinion) heavy design flaw of the Sony α290 DSLR camera. The camera has nine auto-focus fields in total, see the illustration below:

Within the options menu of the camera, you have the possibility to select a specific auto-focus field. This allows you to focus a specific point, e.g. when composing a picture and your motif is not in the center of the picture. When choosing a spot auto-focus field, the selected auto-focus field is illuminated during the focus process, see the illustration below:

So far, so good. You also have the possibility to select spot measurement for your exposure. This allows you to measure the correct exposure for one specific spot. This spot is not shown in the viewfinder. For illustration purposes, I’ve drawn the spot that is measured in light green, see illustration the below:

Maybe you already get the…

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